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We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human. But if there is one day when you want everything to be perfect and 100% mistake-free, it’s your wedding day.

When planning your wedding, your brain is overflowing with ideas, information, and things to remember. One such thing is your wedding stationery. From save the dates to wedding invitations and RSVP cards, there’s lots to think about. Perfecting your wedding stationery is no simple task.

Nobody wants to sign, seal, and send out their beautiful wedding invitations only to find they have the wrong date on them or there’s a typo in the title. In this article, we’re going to share some of the most common wedding stationery mistakes. Keep reading to find out what the biggest mistakes are and how to avoid them.


10 Common Wedding Stationery Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

We promise we’re not sharing this to scare you. We’re doing it to save you. We care about your wedding day being every bit as perfect as you ever imagined. By sharing some of the biggest wedding stationery mistakes people commonly make, we hope to save you from repeating these errors.

Get your pen and paper ready and start marking down this list of mistakes you don’t want to make when creating your wedding stationery.


1. Telling People The Wrong Date

Finally being able to reveal the date for your big day is an unbelievably exciting milestone. But, wait a second, did you double-check the date before ordering your invites?

It might sound like a no-brainer, but trust us, even the most perfectly planned wedding days can fall victim to the classic “Oops, wrong date!” error. The last thing you want is everyone turning up on the wrong day.

From the wrong month and years to dates that don’t exist — November 31st, anyone? — we’ve seen it all. That’s why we include a proofing stage in our wedding stationery order process. Use this proofing stage to double, triple, and quadruple check all your wedding details are correct.


2. Not Spotting Typos

You’ve spent days staring at your wedding invites and perfecting every tiny detail. Beautiful design, a charming wax seal, laser cut luxuries and then… uh-oh, a typo! As soon as you see it, you can’t unsee it. It’s like finding a rogue piece of glitter – small but impossible to ignore.

Typos are an unwelcome guest when it comes to your wedding stationery. A missing letter here, an extra one there — typos can easily happen. But, you can just as easily avoid them.

Keep typos at bay by proofreading your invitations. Better yet, ask someone who hasn’t seen them yet to check them for you. You know what they say… two eyes are better than one. And fresh eyes are always a great way of catching sneaky typos that you’ve glazed over.

You can also use a spell check or grammar tool to sweep your wedding invitations for typos, grammatical errors, or spelling mistakes. Grammarly is a great free tool for this.


3. Cramming Far Too Much Into One Design

While it may be tempting to share every detail of your love story in one dazzling design, it can be overwhelming for your guests. When designing your wedding stationery, remember less is often more.

Give your stationery room to dance. Trying to cram too much information into one design is like trying to cram everyone on the dancefloor during your first dance. It takes away the magic of the moment.

Instead, share less information so the key details get the centre-stage moment they deserve. This will help your guests understand the essentials of who, what, where, and when… without being overwhelmed by 101 other tiny details.

Here’s how you can strip back your wedding design while still showcasing the most pivotal points. First, prioritise giving space to who, what, where, and when. Next, leave plenty of white space around the elements so guests can easily find what they’re looking for. Opt for short, concise wording to get the key points across with ease.

Finally, if you want to add extra information such as gift information, accommodation details, or RSVP requests, add these as slip cards. That way, you can share more information without detracting from the beauty of your wedding invite design.


4. Going Rogue With The Colour Palette

Whether you opt for a bright and colourful palette or to keep the tones more muted, it’s crucial you get the colours of the wedding invites just right. There are some simple colour rules you’ll want to follow such as avoiding colours that clash or make the invite unreadable.

The best way to choose the colour of your wedding stationery is to coordinate it with your wedding aesthetic. If you’re planning a chic wedding day with blush pink and rose gold hues, choose a complementary wedding stationery colour palette.

A rainbow of colours can be breathtaking. But it can also be blinding. We recommend choosing one primary colour for your wedding invite. Then use accent colours for added emphasis without being overpowering. Our wedding stationery comes in an array of colour options, so you can pick a scheme that best suits your special day.

Test the waters. Use swatches, mood boards, and digital tools to see how different colours look together. This way, you can avoid any unexpected clashes. At Unique Invitations, we offer a sample of your wedding stationery order so you can see how it looks before placing your full order. This sample is a great chance to finetune the colours of your invites.


5. Not Sending Them Out In Time

In a whirlwind of wedding preparations, don’t leave your wedding invites to the last minute. Not sending your invites out early enough could lead to an unwanted string of declined invitations.

Give yourself a head start by sending save-the-dates as soon as you’ve finalised your wedding date. This gives your guests ample time to clear their calendars and make sure they’re free for your special day.

Then, make a timeline for wedding planning. Build in buffer time for unexpected hiccups or last-minute changes. When finding the perfect time to send your wedding invites, factor in time for delivery and receiving RSVPs.


6. Forgetting To Include Stamps For RSVPs

Snail mail holds an element of magic in an age of emails, social media comments, and WhatsApp messages. But, the magic of postal wedding invites can quickly disappear when you’re still waiting for your guests to respond.

Make it easy for your guests to tell you if you plan to come to your wedding day by including stamps with your invitations. This way, they can fill out the RSVP slip card and mail it back to you. It really can be as simple as that.


7. Not Sharing Enough Details

Earlier, we shared the issue of sharing too much information. Now, let’s look at the other side of the problem… not sharing enough details. There’s a fine line between revealing too much and not sharing enough.

If your wedding invitation is missing key details such as the venue, names of the betrothed couple, or date, it’ll leave your invited guests feeling more confused than excited.

When planning your wedding stationery remember to include the most essential details of who is getting married, where you are getting married and the date of your special day.

You can also use your wedding invitations and accompanying slip cards to share extra details. This could include whether children are invited, the desired dress code, overnight stay suggestions, and food requests.

Use your wedding stationery to set the scene for your big day. Reveal just enough information to help your guests prepare without unveiling every tiny detail.


8. Forgetting To Include The Extras

If it’s your first time planning a wedding, you’d be forgiven for thinking you only need to send a wedding invitation to tell people about your day. Truth be told, going the extra mile and including accompanying cards can elevate your wedding stationery.

Your wedding invitation is the main melody, setting the tone for the celebration. The extras — RSVP cards, accommodation details, note cards about gifts — are the background harmonies that elevate the overall experience. Leave them out and you’ll be leaving yourself open for an abundance of questions.

Add slip cards to your wedding invitations to inform guests of the finer details. RSVP cards help your guest effortlessly tell you if they plan to attend. Meanwhile, accommodation slip cards are great for out-of-town guests planning to stay the night. The gift slip card is a great gesture for easing worries about gift-buying. Other extras you could include are maps, itinerary schedules, and reception cards. Use these extras as a way to make your, and your guests, lives easier.


9. Not Ordering Samples

You wouldn’t walk down the aisle without trying on your wedding dress first, right? Well, the same principle applies to your wedding stationery. Not ordering samples is like skipping the dress rehearsal for your stationery.

Failing to order samples is a sure fire way to add more stress to your plate. Whether it’s typos and spelling mistakes, the wrong colour scheme, or stationery paper that doesn’t live up to your expectation, ordering samples can help you avoid many wedding stationery bloopers.

Make sure your wedding stationery looks and feels just right by ordering samples before you place your full stationery order. This is your chance to catch any unexpected surprises or unwelcome stationery faux pas.

Use wedding stationery samples to review the look and feel of your wedding invites. From the texture of the paper to the weight of the cardstock and the print quality, this is a tactile experience that can’t be replicated on a screen. Ordering samples also lets you see the true colours of your design — something that, again, simply can’t be done digitally.


10. Not Ordering Enough

There are many reasons why you may find yourself short of wedding invitations. You might plan a small wedding then switch to a larger wedding venue or room than initially planned. Perhaps, some of your original guests couldn’t attend leaving room on the list for new invitees. It might even be that some last minute VIPs emerge or you accidentally missed someone off the initial guest list.

Whatever the reason, make sure you have plenty of wedding invitations to go round. Carefully plan your guest list and count (and recount) how many people you’ve invited. While doing your guest list headcount, be sure you account for everyone you may want to attend your special day from long-lost relatives to surprise plus ones. Err on the side of caution and anticipate any potential additions.

As is a good rule of thumb for anything wedding-related, it’s always better to have too many than too few. Order surplus invitations to accommodate for any last-minute guest list changes, lost invitations, or even as a keepsake for yourself.


Be Prepared And Enjoy The Perfect Day

Proper planning is essential for a smooth, memorable wedding day. Avoid these common wedding stationery mistakes by being prepared.

With careful planning, attention to detail, and a loving touch of creativity, your wedding stationery will set the scene for a beautiful day. Let your stationery guide your guests towards an unforgettable day of celebration for all the right reasons by understanding how to spot and avoid these common mishaps.


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